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About Bridge Finance Advisory Services

We have worked throughout our history to maintain a strong commitment to our clients and to retain a position of leadership in providing innovative ideas and services to investors. Our mission is to provide innovative investment solutions and objective, independent investment advice to investors throughout the world. Our strong performance, efficient administration, and value for money products are delivered through excellent service to help you to maximise your investment outcomes. Most importantly, we’re passionate about what we do and constantly seek to outperform.

We believe the dynamic nature of investment markets, coupled with our expertise, lets us add value over and above the markets we operate in. For many of our funds, we aim for investment returns above those of the relevant market index. Put simply, we aim to outperform the benchmark. We manage portfolios across a range of different investment styles, asset classes and risk profiles. In each case we believe our role is not to avoid risk, but rather to understand the relationship between risk and reward and to manage risk appropriately, relative to the objectives of the portfolio. We choose investments and construct our portfolios in a disciplined manner, with an emphasis on identifying and controlling risk. We avoid speculation and ensure our portfolios are appropriately diversified.

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Silver Plan


Daily for 5 Days

  • Minimum Investment - $100
  • Maximum Investment - $4,999
  • Referral Commission - %10
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Gold Plan


Daily for 6 Days

  • Minimum Investment - $5,000
  • Maximum Investment - $19,999
  • Referral Commission - %10
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Diamond Plan


Daily for 7 Days

  • Minimum Investment - $20,000
  • Maximum Investment - Unlimited
  • Referral Commission - %10
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Machine Purchase


Daily for 3 months

  • AntMiner S5 - $5,000 - $19,999
  • AntMiner S9 - $20,000 - Unlimited
  • Referral Commission - %10
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Our Features

As stewards of your investments, we believe it's important to invest in a sustainable and responsible way on your behalf. We’re committed to developing a culture of expert and passionate people. Successful teams create success for our customers, our shareholders and our community.

We're duly registered in Malta with registration number C 53764

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Our services are duly regulated by the MBR.

Profit Focused
We're focused on earning you your desired profits.

Swift Withdrawals
Fund withdrawals are swift and automated

Standby Support
Our support team is always at your service.

Risk Free
Our strategies ensure a smooth risk free market experience.

Transperent Operations
All our operations are transparent performed with our clients in mind.